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{{Under Construction}}
{{Overview|text=This page will concentrate on the {{rtm}} Model Extensions.}}<br />
<br />
{{Overview|text=This page will concentrate on the RTM Model Extensions.}}<br />
== Planned extensions ==
== Planned extensions ==
[[Planned extensions]]
{{main|Planned extensions}}
The model will be progressively enriched to support business usages.
== Open issues ==
The next version will include:
{{main|Open issues}}
* Multiple times (horizons, creation and modification dates, validity dates,…)
* Projects, versions and life cycle management
* Requirements for Signalling and Interlocking
* …
Following versions will also include:
* Operational events
|chapter={{RTM}} Model Extensions
* Traffic Management (commercial routes,…)
|chapterlink=RTM Model Extensions
* Asset Management
|pchapter={{RTM}} Use Cases and Application Examples
* …
|pchapterlink=RTM Use Cases and Application Examples
== Open issues ==
|next=Planned extensions
[[Open issues]]

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This page will concentrate on the RailTopoModel® Model Extensions.

Planned extensions

→Main Article: Planned extensions

Open issues

→Main Article: Open issues

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