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UnderConstruction blue.png This page is a draft and under construction. Sorry for temporary problems. See the discussion page to find a summary of the tasks and to coordinate the work on this page. Recognize that the content of this page may change quickly. If you find any copyright infringements, please contact us: Christian.rahmig@dlr.de.

RTM For Your Business

Ideal national situation with the RailTopoModel and railML (© IIRC)

In this section you will find answers to the question why you should use the RailTopoModel for your specific data modelling and exchange problem. See RTM For Your Business for more details.

RTM For Developers

Simple Sample Network Part 1

This section addresses the software developers of the companies that want to implement a RailTopoModel based asset database. A simple example shows how to get from the real infrastructure to the RTM representation. See RTM For Developers for more details.

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