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railTOPOMODEL® For Your Business

Ideal national situation with the railTOPOMODEL® and railML® (© IIRC)

In this section you will find answers to the question why you should use the railTOPOMODEL® for your specific data modelling and exchange problem. See RTM For Your Business for more details.

railTOPOMODEL® For IT Architects and Developers

Simple Sample Network Part 1

This section addresses the software developers of the companies that want to implement a railTOPOMODEL® based asset database. A simple example shows how to get from the real infrastructure to the railTOPOMODEL® representation. See RTM for IT Architects and Developers for more details.

What you should have learned
This page is just a quick introduction
Chapter railTOPOMODEL® quick start railTOPOMODEL® Modelling Concepts
Section railTOPOMODEL® for your business